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ISO 20000 is the universal quality control framework primarily tailored to Service Management for IT. ISO 20000-1 (the new ISO 20000-1 version) includes a series of structured Service Management System for IT (SMS) specifications. It is important that both your internal as well as external IT client services are compatible with the needs of your company and clients, considering how critical IT is for organizations today.

ISO 20000-1 certification ensures your daily service delivery will be performed in a way that continues to drive customer satisfaction because of enhanced services and leads. With ISO 20000-1, it also lets companies ensure that the programs are managed and distributed efficiently, constantly develop procedures, and increase consumer attention.

Accreditation with ISO 20000-1:2011

ISO Pros is accredited for auditing and issuing ISO 20000-1 certificates. Accreditation is a mechanism through which to provide professional services in certification. To get accredited, ISO Pros is required to implement ISO 17021. There is a number of requirements needed for certification bodies that provide auditing and management system certification. Our numerous accreditation bodies inspect ISO Pros regularly to ensure that the programs follow the exact criteria of the respective accreditation levels.

ISO 20000 Benefits

Brand credibility and reputation

Implementing ISO 20000 and obtaining approval, helps the company to prove that the IT programs are consistent with best practices in the industry. The norm is based on the research performed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and the Library of IT Infrastructures (ITIL). It offers your clients trust that the IT systems are pursuing a globally agreed structure.

ISO 20000 certification will serve to boost the credibility of the company and separate you from the market. Through gaining confidence and faith in your abilities to successfully handle your IT infrastructure, by searching for potential market prospects, it will improve the company’s standing.

Customer service

ISO 20000 would enable the company to follow a holistic approach to ensuring that you have in place the strategies, protocols, and processes required to provide successful IT services.

ISO 20000 means that your workers realize who is doing what and where, meaning all staff and systems are in track, and operating towards the same target. This not only guarantees the quality of your goods and services to satisfy consumer needs, but it also helps you to control and reduce costs.

Continuous improvement

The application of the minimum specifications means that the organization implements a process-oriented strategy that continuously enhances the management structure and industry at the same time, with ISO 20000 being focused on management methods.


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