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The IT industry is a huge part of daily life. The success of the business can, in turn, rely on it. For example, if a company ‘s website is out of service for an extended period of time, customers are lost; this is particularly true, for example, for e-commerce websites such as Walmart and Amazon. To combat this, it is critical to have an IT Service Management System in identifying and fixing issues as soon as they arise. That’s where the ISO 20000 concept comes in, as it describes a centralized set of management processes that form a service management structure to ensure efficient service delivery.

ISO 20000-1 is the universal quality control framework, developed to enable businesses to provide effectively controlled IT services to their clients and then to sustain such levels over time. It is consistent with the ITIL (Information Technology Network Library) system, which is completely integrated.

How can ISO Pros assist?

ISO Pros are experts in helping organizations in designing, restoring, maintaining, and developing systems to ensure optimum efficiency and output for the business businesses. Send us an email, contact us, or complete our free quotation, to speak with a specialist on how we can better assist the company for certification in ISO 20000-1:2018. You may also view the rest of our website to learn more about this ISO standard we are able to assist with, as well as other resources we have.

What are the sectors where ISO 20000-1:2011 is implemented?

An IT Service Management System (ITSMS) is being adopted, based on ISO 20000-1, by more organizations. Through certifying to this standard, organizations will demonstrate to their consumers personally that they are meeting (and even exceeding) the highest industry expectations, meaning that daily service delivery is achieved in a way that improves client satisfaction by improving efficiency and contributing to consistent development.

The IT Service Management Standard is valid for 3 years and is subject to regular inspections for enforcement purposes. You will be required to conduct a reassessment check at the conclusion of the three years in order to maintain the norm for an additional three years.

Why you need ISO Pros

For many years of practice in the media, industry, finance, IT, and legal industries certifying organizations, ISO Pros has demonstrated its track record in IT service management and ISO 20000 certification. We will provide assessment tools including ISO 20000 guidance, ISO 20000 recognition of differences, and ISO 20000 certification.

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ISO Pros became one of the best classification agencies to obtain accreditation giving you reassurance and trust that we have the relevant expertise and knowledge to carry out the ISO 20000 review.

Tech Expertise

Our evaluators are globally trained experts with sector-specific IT expertise, who can offer an in-depth and accurate evaluation of the implementation and efficacy of the ISO 20000 process. At ISO Pros we insure that the assessor has the expertise and qualifications to match the company requirements, making for efficient and comprehensive program auditing.

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