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Benefits of IT Service ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO / IEC 20000-1:2018 is the international service management model. It specifies 212 requirements to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a service management system for organizations providing services. It is structured to control the service life cycle involving service preparation, configuration, change, implementation, and enhancement. Those programs follow the defined consumer and business interface criteria and provide value to certain consumers, stakeholders, and the service management agency.

ISO / IEC 20000 is the responsibility of the International Organization for Standards ( ISO) and the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC). Implementing and running a service management program offers constant accountability, process monitoring, and quality development, contributing to increased performance and effectiveness.

ISO / IEC 20000 lets organizations monitor how programs are provided, assess quality rates, and analyze their efficiency.

The norm has two major elements, each of which enables service distribution companies to define ways to maximize the level of service they offer to their clients, each internal and external:

  • Part 1: Requirements for the service management system (ISO / IEC 20000-1:2018) provide 212 service management requirements and are relevant to those responsible for initiating, implementing, or maintaining services in their organizations.
  • Part 2: Guidelines on the implementation of the service management framework (ISO / IEC 20000-2:2012) defines ISO / IEC 20000-1 best practices in service management. A revised edition of this paper is scheduled to be released soon. Organizations requiring advice on how to enhance the standard of operation are of special benefit.

ISO / IEC 20000 works for any entity, small or large, and is independent of size, sector, or the nature of the services rendered. Organizations can have their service management systems independently certified as fulfilling ISO / IEC 20000-1:2018 criteria. About 5000 organizations worldwide are certified to ISO / IEC 20000.

Benefits from being ISO 20000-1 certified

We’ve explained what ISO 20000 is so far. Yet why is it that you would care? Below are eight benefits of ISO 20000 certification relating to an organization:

Improved trust, especially when it comes to suppliers

Being ISO 20000 certified offers organizations a degree of legitimacy they simply would not be able to obtain. The explanation is because ISO 20000-1 is also meant to be the international standard of service management, which is why it is recognized worldwide and shows that the accredited company cooperates with the best practices as well as being fully compliant with its SMS. A great example of this advantage is when a government organization might require ISO 20000 certification for manufacturers offering new job tenders.

Increased customer trust.

Customer confidence grows as a result of increased credibility. And if consumers realize that resources are properly operated and the manufacturer company complies with international requirements, consumers may feel assured that their services are performed professionally and theoretically optimally.

Increased growth in the organization.

For the ISO 20000-1 standard, the company can undoubtedly expand quicker due to the certification that offers one inroad into potentially closed markets – it’s a foundation the enterprise will be able to build on. Since the certification offers standardized practices to follow, your organization can reduce the risk of loss of knowledge when employees leave. If the business is rising quickly, it should also aim to recruit trained ISO 20000-1 individuals to minimize the amount of training needed before they join the organization.

Reduced injuries and outages.

With being ISO 20000-1 certified, it indicates the SMS of a company is strictly consistent with the highest standard, which advises the corporation on best practices in service management. Despite that, companies that get accredited also feel they can decrease their larger outages and accidents in IT. Therefore, companies stand a greater probability of providing the satisfaction that clients want, by meeting well-specified criteria and understanding how to adopt best practices for their own service delivery lifecycle.

Managing operations proactively.

It will then be able to offer its clients a more proactive service management experience after the elimination of accidents and company outages and because an enterprise becomes more of an expert in service management. Particularly since being ISO 20000-1 certified is about delivering the best value to consumers, whose demands are continuously increasing.


Such diligent service management does help to avoid expensive problems and errors and allows systems to operate smoothly. In addition to reducing accidents, less money will be spent on extra support costs, so less money is lost as a result of company outages as they do become less regular (or maybe completely avoided).

Continuous improvement, and its benefits.

Certification of ISO 20000-1 helps organizations develop a culture of continuous change and continuous improvement. While companies continue trying to keep pace with the latest service management strategies that will adapt due to changing technologies and network capacities, it is crucial that they be prepared to accommodate constant change and constantly search for innovative approaches to function more intelligently.

The cultural change is always positive.

In addition to creating a working atmosphere that manages change very well and is inspired to continue changing, ISO 20000 helps companies improve their culture as well as function in a comprehensive way (rather than the conventional siloes that have typically been found in service management spaces). Specifically, finger-pointing including blaming is minimized as everybody is empowered to assume control of programs rather than holding the IT agency accountable.


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